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  • Automatic Invoicing & Payments
  • Charge Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, Yearly & More!
  • Instant Quoting System
  • Add Upsells In Quote Form
  • Advanced Sales Reports & Insights
  • Customer Account Portal
  • Easy Email Marketing
  • Unlimited Users & Customers
  • VIP Customer Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Absolutely. You can send one-off invoices or choose to send recurring subscription invoices. There are video tutorials after you sign up to show how to make both.

We let you choose a base price, a per room price, and a per bathroom price. Your customer will enter their details and the form will automatically calculate the price. You can also add extra addons for additional services you provide for a higher fee. See an example here.

It’s easy to go in and manually change the schedule to weekly or biweekly for a customers billing schedule. You can also easily change which day they will get charged on. 

Currently we do not have a free trial, but you can see exactly how everything looks & works by watching the free demo here. We also give you a 30 day money back guarantee so if you don’t end up liking the software, you can get your money back.

Yes! Every time your customer is charged, an automated email gets sent to them with a receipt attached. They can also log in to their customer account portal and view every payment that has been paid.

If you don’t like the product within 30 days of ordering, just let us know and we can refund your payment in full.

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